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Case Studies 

Case Studies is a new series of solo exhibitions in the Alexander Kasser Theater Cases initiated by Director Megan C. Austin and Curator Jesse Bandler Firestone. 

Case Studies 1: Damien Davis – OLD CURRENCIES brings together new and recent works by Damien Davis, on loan from Uprise Art, that explore Blackness through symbols, shapes, colors, and digital technology.

Case Studies 2: Justin Cloud – The Garden brings together new and recent sculptures of machine-like flora and fauna that employ impeccable craftwork and finishing techniques to reflect changes taking place across American industries including biotechnology, agriculture, and large-scale manufacturing.

Case Studies 3: Joseph Parra – the edge of flesh and blood explores the larger consequences of searching for validation, inspiration, and intimacy through digital images by asking “How does desire change when life is mediated through screens?” 

Case Studies 4: Hilliary Gabryel – Side Sleeper explores themes of consumer culture, resale markets, the American Dream, and gender. The artist transforms vacuum-formed headboards and vanity mirrors popularized by Franco Cozzo, an Italian-Australian salesman whose bedroom sets were often given female names.